Heather Greenwood is 42 years old and is a Tulsa Firefight6er/Paramedic. She has been a part of Fit First Responders since November 2015.

Heather loves the workouts, the coaches, the teamwork and support of her fellow teammates. She says, I worked out by myself or with one or two others before and OBVIOUSLY that was not working for me. Having the support and encouragement from everyone in my group at FFR is awesome. The results are great too. I run into people I work with that I haven’t seen in a while, and they comment on my changes. That is nice to hear and encourages me to stick with it.”

What Keeps Heather Coming Back

What keeps Heather coming back to FFR? GUILT! Whenever she misses a day she feels so guilty. She explains, “ When I don’t get my daily dose of adrenaline, motivation, support, and camaraderie with my new friends and family and daily morning prayer, I feel like I am just not myself.” Heather loves to see how much she can improve as well…mentally, physically, and spiritually. She is always in a better frame of mind after a workout. She admits some mornings she doesn’t feel like going, but then remembers she told someone she would be there so she better go. Then she goes and is so glad she did because she feels so much better. She loves how the coaches push her beyond what she thinks her limits are and pushes her to do more and surpass what she thought she could do.

Heather has lost 16 pounds, 7 inches in the waist, 17 pounds of body fat mass, and 67.2% body fat. She says, “I have a much better positive attitude ☺ for the most part.”

Back On Track

FFR has helped Heather get back on track and addicted to working out. It has improved her eating habits, taught her a lot about nutrition; proper lifting techniques and that she can do way more than she ever thought she could. She adds, “ FFR has brought me closer to other agencies that I normally would not have the opportunity to encounter (Tulsa Police Department, EMSA, National Guard, etc.) I have met a lot of great people and coaches and love them all. I have much more stamina now in my workday and outside of work. I am much more active than I used to be. I don’t tire and get short of breath all the time like in the past. After seeing my before and after pictures, that just motivated me even more because I don’t ever want to go back to the before picture!”

Heather says she seems to be more energetic and enjoy doing more things when before she was just too tired. She says, “Not to say that workouts are not exhausting because they do wear me out, but it is a good thing! I sleep better. I eat better. I have a more positive attitude toward everyone.”

Heather’s Advice

Heather’s advice if you are considering FFR: “It doesn’t matter what your size, shape, strength is, just get your butt up and come!!! I didn’t join the first 25 week challenge because everyone I saw that was going was already super fit and I didn’t want to be the only out of shape person there. I had a lot of people that I work with say I should come but I didn’t think I could do the workouts. I finally went and WOW. I haven’t stopped!! It doesn’t matter if you can only curl a 5 pound dumbbell, can’t run, have bad knees or shoulders, work with the coaches and I promise you will see improvement!! I HIGHLY recommend FFR. Best thing ever!!!!!!”

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