Jeremy Jackson is a 31 year old Tulsa Fire Department Firefighter. He has been a part o the Fit First Responders for 18 weeks now.

Jeremy’s favorite aspect of FFR is the coaches! He says, “They always encourage us to do our best and to believe in ourselves. Not only do they encourage us to achieve our goals physically but mentally as well.” He loves their style of training. Each workout is custom designed to get the best results.

Jeremy is addicted to way he feels now that his body is changing and his health improving. He says, “I crave my morning workouts. Some people need coffee. I need this workout!” This helps him get his day started. There is a great sense of brother/sisterhood here, and everyone is supportive of each other. He adds, “The coaches are very motivating….it is just what I need!”

When Jeremy started this program, he weighed 265 pounds….now he is down 30 pounds! His cardio and strength levels are increasing each week, and his stamina has improved as well. He says, “Overall I feel amazing!”

Jeremy feels that FFR gave him the tools he needed to be a better version of him by focusing on four key things: food, family, faith, and focus. These four things are the core of what DSD stands for. He explains, “It has taught me that in order to win in life you have to establish a winning mentality and conquer your weaknesses.” Each day he starts his day thinking of how to apply these four key values to his life. He adds, “Without a doubt my life has been changed forever because of this program.”

About two years ago Jeremy was diagnosed with sleep apnea. After only a few weeks of training with FFR, he no longer needed to use his CPAP machine. He is now sleeping better and has more energy throughout the day. FFR has helped him establish a strong mindset and helped with goal setting. He says, “I have gained confidence and a more positive self image.”

Jeremy’s advice: “If you want to get in the best shape of your life, both mentally and physically, then I highly recommend FFR! It is hard work, but with that comes big reward! If you want something you never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. The staff at DSD is like family. They are there every step of the way to encourage and motivate you. FFR isn’t just ‘another place to workout’….it is a workout that puts you in place. A place that allows you to succeed, achieve, and surpass all your goals, become a better person, and a better first responder.”

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