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      So I’m kind of at a loss on some of the workouts…are the letters on each of the workouts for your set groups, like you do all “a” exercises together, then “b” and so on?

      Also, what is the “gun show” exercise; can’t find it anywhere on this site or any others. What about conditioning? Is that doing a cardio exercise and for how long? What is max RDS?


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      Yes, you do all of “A” then “B”, “C” , etc. A is typically a set number of reps/sets while B and C are typically as many rounds in a set time as you can do, and D is pretty varied.

      I will have to get back to you on gun show. Conditioning is built in the strength and conditioning workouts, but for those doing the build they can do what conditioning they want. Many at the gym do the conditioning from S&C workout (typically D). Max RDS I believe is Max rounds. I’ll check all this with JC

Viewing 1 reply thread
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