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  • To all my First Responders family may you have strong support and healing in your heart. The event in Florida today is unfortunately not unusual in our current world. The chaos in the moment, worry of family members, and intense media attention can make your job even harder. You all are the face of safety and protection, comfort and order. You…[Read more]

  • I had such a great time talking with Coach JC and being able to share my passion with all of you on the Podcast. You all are amazing and I will dedicate my day everyday to insuring you hear that!

  • Today I am thinking about all of the heros that give their all every day. You face so many dangerous and horrible things on a daily basis while many civilians go on with their lives unaware. As if that isn’t enough you also are on the front lines when major disaster hits, putting your life on the line, and giving it your all to save the lives of…[Read more]

  • Christopher you bring up a great topic! Sleep disruption and deprivation are a big concern in the first responder population. Yes the recommended amount of sleep by most doctors is between 7 to 9 hours. The most important part being restful sleep. A person needs to be in the REM stage of sleep to allow for the body and brain to recover from the…[Read more]

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    FFR helps you become aware and equipped in all areas of life. Including mentally. Your mental health is just as much a part of your physical health as the rest of your body. Don’t miss out on the huge benefits FFR can provide in your life in this area. Check out our videos under the resources tab and utilize access to your FFR counselor. You are…[Read more]

  • FFR will strengthen all of your relationships and develop a since of family you never thought you could have. You are able to find love and support here for all areas of your life!If you are with us you are family.

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